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Grilling for the Home Cook

Increase your confidence and eagerness to play with food outdoors! If you haven't grilled before or are unhappy with your results, spend three hours in this get-up-to-speed introduction to grilling. You'll learn what to look… learn more
Adult Enrichment / Eat Well! - Spring 2016 - 1 available section - Jan Zita Grover - Similar
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Get Your Child To Listen the FIRST Time ... Now and Forevermore!

"My child doesn’t listen the first time I ask” is the number one parenting complaint in America. This class offers 23 practical, easy-to-implement strategies to derail your child’s defiance, gain cooperation, and get… learn more
Adult Enrichment / Raise Great Kids! - Spring 2016 - 0 available sections - Toni Schutta - Similar